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Leeds Learning Disability Podiatry Service

People with a learning disability often have problems with their feet and toe nails.

  • They are more likely to suffer with nail conditions as they tend to have a wider nail plate.

  • They can have foot problems because of their splayed feet and wider gait.

  • They can have more sensitive feet, making simple tasks such as nail care very difficult.

They are also less likely to access the services they need.

We offer

  • individual assessment and packages of care

  • nail surgery and treatment options


Podiatry Department
St Marys Hospital
Greenhill Road
Leeds LS12 3QE

Phone 0113 305 5155

Top tips for healthy feet

Wash feet every day

Dry the whole foot, paying particular attention to between the toes

Check your foot for any areas of broken skin

Use a moisturising cream daily ( not between toes)

Wear clean socks every day

Wear flat, lacing, well fitted shoe

Tell your doctor/ podiatrist if you have any problems with your feet.

If you are diabetic you should have your feet checked every year by GP practice nurse or your podiatrist.




Copies of our leaflets are available to download here