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Welcome to the Palliative Care page

Sometimes when people get ill it is not possible to make them better. Palliative care is about making sure that the end of someone’s life is as good as it can be. In Leeds a number of organisations have started working together to try and make sure that people with learning disabilities make plans for the end of their life as we believe that thinking about dying helps you live better. We have worked with people with learning disabilities to help put together resources so that they can plan for the end of their lives. We have put together a document that people can use to help them plan and following on from our work produced information about what a hospice is. We use these resources, along with others, as part of two workshops where people can get a chance to talk about their feelings, share their experiences, make plans and get to visit a hospice. We are developing this work as we run each workshop and learn more but also want to use this page to begin to share some of the resources that we have created in the hope that others might find them useful. We hope you find it useful, please let us know if you have suggestions or comments.

To download a copy of the

To download a copy of the



Chris Stothard RN
Nurse Specialist End of Life Care
Palliative Care Team
Robert Ogden Building
Leeds Teaching Hospitals
tel:0113 20(66161)

For more information on Palliative Care in the Leeds area please visit