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Intensive Interaction

The Intensive Interaction service is part of the Learning Disability Service at Leeds and York NHS Foundation Trust located within the Ventures building.


Intensive Interaction is an approach that helps people to develop their communication skills; designed for children and adults with severe learning disability and/or autism.

It can also be adapted and used with people who don’t fit into any of these groups but for some reason find social interactions difficult.

This Service provides a range of Intensive Interaction training, consultancy and support services for adults with learning disabilities, their carers and their families.

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Also if you want to see a range of videos of Intensive Interaction in action, then just go to YouTube and search for Intensive Interaction videos there.


Ventures Building

Graham Firth

Graham Firth

Intensive Interaction Highly Specialised Practitioner

Nicola Guthrie

Nicola Guthrie

Intensive Interaction Practitioner

4 Woodland Square, St Marys Hospital, Leeds LS12 3QE

Telephone: 0113 8555162

Alistair and Nicola
Anthony and Graham
Brenda and Graham
Freddie and Graham
Freddie and Nicola
Hilary and Nicola