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Welcome to our page for the Leeds Learning Disability Health Task Group

The Health Task Group is a subgroup of the Leeds Learning Disability Partnership Board which meets around every 6 weeks at Leeds Civic Hall. The group is made up of people with learning disabilities, carers and health and social care professionals.

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The group works to get better health care for people with learning disabilities living in Leeds. We link with other groups around the city to find ways to improve the health of people with learning disabilities in Leeds. This can mean helping services get it right for people with learning disabilities by;

  • Running events to find out how to improve services.

  • Making resources that can help to improve the care and support that people get.

  • Making it easier for services to involve people with learning disabilities.

  • Giving feedback and advice.

  • Coming up with new ideas.

  • Helping set up new projects.

  • Helping plan for the future.

For more information about the Health Task Group visit contact Norman Campbell at

To see the minutes of the Health Task Group please click below;

Health Task Group

John Burley